Linden (common)

Tilia × europaea

Also known as lime tree, lime bush or basswood. It is not related to the lime fruit tree, a species of citrus.

The story…

Linden is native to the temperate regions of Europe. It thrives on loose, fertile soil, preferably fairly cool. It has a very long lifespan and can live several hundred years, like the “Sully linden” in France, named after a minister of Henry IV who had them planted. A large part of the “freedom trees”, planted in every French city and town in 1792, are linden. They are also the official symbol of the French Revolution.


Cold and flu

Linden have a diaphoretic effect (increasing perspiration) and helps regulate body temperature. It treats runny noses and diminishes nasal secretion. It also stimulates the immune system in general.

Stress and nervous tension

Linden has a tranquilizing effect. It decreases stress, helps anxiety and sleep disorders. It reduces symptoms due to stress such as spams, palpitations, headache, anxiety attacks and tiredness. On long-term, it fights hypertension when related to arteriosclerosis.


Infusion: 1 tablespoon flowers and bracts per cup, up to 4 cups a day.


In case of persistent symptoms or if you have any doubts, consult a doctor.